Ontario welcomes internationally trained applicants. Note that you will have the same steps to go through as a domestically trained candidate (See Become an OLS), however there are a few differences as noted below.

You will be required to demonstrate your English skills.  Our legislation, regulations, standards, training, etc. are all delivered in English. Without sufficient English skills it would not be possible for you to obtain the necessary local knowledge required to practice successfully as an Ontario Land Surveyor.

If your degree/diploma was earned in another country, you must first apply to either the Comparative Education Service (CES) of the University of Toronto, or to World Education Services (WES) and request a “document by document” evaluation from one of these services to submit with your application to the AOLS. You may contact CES at (416) 978-0393 Ext. 3, or go to http://www.learn.utoronto.ca/ces. The WES website is https://www.wes.org/ca.

As with domestic candidate, existing experience will be considered at parts of the academic evaluation and articling applications.

The following document provides a handy summary: Candidate Information Package

Download Package