Labour Mobility in Canada

Labour Mobility in Canada

The AOLS is a signatory to a Mutual Recognition Agreement that was signed by all Canadian provincial land surveyors' associations as well as the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors under the Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). This agreement allows a licensed surveyor from any Canadian provincial jurisdiction or a licensed Canada Lands Surveyor to achieve membership in another jurisdiction by demonstrating, through an examination and/or completion of an assignment, knowledge of local jurisprudence and systems. No academic evaluation or period of articles is required.

Candidates will be examined on their knowledge and comprehension of the Ontario legal systems and statute law as it applies to surveying in Ontario. The jurisdictional examination will include practical questions on survey requirements, legalities, problems, and possibilities likely to be encountered in surveys of land in Ontario including, but not limited to condominium surveys, urban and rural subdivision surveys, pipeline and right-of-way surveys, and real property reports.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the evaluation of survey evidence as it relates to the practice of land surveying in Ontario. The Jurisdictional Examination is a closed-book exam and shall last no longer than half-a-day.

The cost to write the Jurisdictional Examination is $150 plus GST.  Please click below to view document for additional details

See Become an OLS and Download the AIT-AOLS Handbook