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As the public is well aware, we are in the midst of a pandemic and the Province has ordered the closure of all businesses that are not deemed essential. We have advised our members to take every precaution to help stop the spread of the virus and only maintain essential services listed under the Provincial guidelines. While it is not our role to interpret the guidelines for our members, we trust that our members will act responsibly so as to not encourage the spread of the virus. This may mean that they will have to suspend services for existing clients until it is safe to resume them.

The AOLS Office has closed but will remain able to deal with phone calls and emails. Please have patience as we work through this together.

***Please note that some Survey Offices have closed as a result of COVID-19. Please follow this link for more information.***

The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS) was established in 1892. We are a self-governing association, responsible for the licensing and governance of professional land surveyors, in accordance with the Surveyors Act. As with all self-governing professions, the AOLS has a responsibility to ensure that the public interest is paramount. 

Please be advised that we do not provide surveying services or copies of surveys, and neither do we store any files of survey copies in our office. Please refer to our Directory to contact a nearby Professional Surveyor.