Step 1 - Academic Evaluation

The first step for all candidates for membership is to apply to the Association (to the Registrar) for a detailed evaluation of their post-secondary education and experience. 

Professional membership in the Association requires completion of a baccalaureate level program in professional surveying (often referred to as Geomatics), approved by the Association’s Academic and Experience Requirements Committee (AERC), or a course that is in the opinion of the AERC equal in content and level of difficulty, or experience and knowledge that provides equivalent competencies to such an academic program.  For a detailed description of the AOLS academic requirements please click here (this table is very York/Ryerson centric).  See Programs for detail on existing professional surveying programs in Canada

For an academic evaluation to be undertaken, we require the following:

  • payment of the $339.00 ($300 + HST) fee. We accept cheques, Visa or MasterCard; Note: A convenience fee of 3% of the total amount will be charged for credit card payments.
  • a cover letter sample
  • Completed Academic Evaluation Application Form
  • your detailed résumé
  • an official transcript forwarded directly from each educational institution (If this is not possible you may bring your original documents to the AOLS office to be copied)
  • detailed course descriptions, in English; and,
  • any other supporting information - academic or experience related - that may support your evaluation.

Academic Evaluations are processed at each AERC meeting which take place four times a year in January, April, July and October.  All documentation must be submitted one month preceding the next AERC meeting. 

Once your application is assessed you will be provided with a letter describing any outstanding academic requirements.  Remaining courses can be completed at York University, Ryerson University, through the AOLS and other academic institutions approved by the Registrar.