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Careers in Surveying

A career in surveying can be appealing to a wide variety of individuals and allows flexibility in your job choices. Offering many challenges and opportunities in an evolving and growing field, it can provide opportunities for travel and adventure or allow you to work in your local community. You can use leading-edge technology in both office and/or field settings. You can use leadership skills to manage large multi-facetted projects supporting many different disciplines.

The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS) is in great need of innovative, progressive, and dynamic people as part of its membership. The opportunities are endless in the surveying industry in Ontario and the jobs are never dull!

Below are some helpful links from the University of Waterloo:

Geomatics Programs
Helpful Brochures
Geography and Environmental Studies  

My Career

Not sure what a career is, or what we are talking about when we use words like geomatics, surveying, and surveyor? Follow the links to YouTube videos to hear young professionals talking about their career as professional surveyors. They have a job for life working indoors and outdoors with all kinds of equipment and vehicles including aircraft, drones, boats, satellites, trucks and cars, snowmobiles, mobile devices, computers and mapping software. Many projects will find you working in urban offices and country properties. Measurement is the game of professional surveyors!