The AOLS (Association of Ontario Land Surveyors) is governed by a Council, which membership changes on an annual basis at the AOLS annual meeting in February.

The 2023/24 Council is as follows:

  • President: David Kovacs
  • Vice-President: Amar Loai
  • Past President: Andy Shelp
  • Senior Councillor: Ron Berg
  • Senior Councillor: Saša Krcmar
  • Intermediate Councillor: Sophie Côté
  • Intermediate Councillor: Natalie Vibert
  • Junior Councillor: Daniel Gautron
  • Junior Councillor: Robin Fleguel
  • Lay Councillor: Martha George
  • Lay Councillor: Peter Meerveld
  • Lay Councillor: James Hunt
  • Surveyor General: Bruce Clark