Jun 15, 2023

Bulletin 2023-03: Subdivision and Condominium Registrations

As part of the ongoing effort to improve plan processing in the land registration system, all subdivision plans, and all condominium registrations, will now follow a more a streamlined approach with a single point of contact at all stages of processing.

Effective immediately, all plans of subdivision and condominium registration packages, including the hard copy plans endorsed by the planning authority, are to be delivered directly to the plans processing center where the registration is being processed, not the physical land registry office for the county, territorial district, or municipality.

The plans examiner will note on the land registration approval form where the final plans should be delivered once the planning authority has approved the plans for registration.

Read the bulletin:
English PDF: bit.ly/3XhGsJX
French PDF: bit.ly/45Wd8MO