Jun 15, 2022

Update: Plan Submission Forms

Ontario Regulation 79/22 was recently approved and is now consolidated into Ontario Regulation 43/96. This changes the requirement to submit a separate whiteprint of the plan with the AOLS plan submission form (sticker) attached to a requirement to place the plan submission form number on the face of the plan. This process is the same for plans submitted electronically. Specifically, this requirement is outlined in O. Reg. 43/96 Section 4.1 (hardcopy plans) and Section 75 (electronic plans):

“A plan submitted under this Part shall include the number from the related plan submission form of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors as part of the following statement in English or French, which shall be placed in a prominent location immediately below the surveyor’s certificate:
This plan of survey relates to AOLS Plan Submission Form Number_____.”

The blank space can include both alpha and numeric characters. Either physical or virtual sticker numbers can be used. 

The Land Registry Offices will continue to accept plans for filing that provide a separate whiteprint with the AOLS sticker attached instead of the statement UNTIL THE END OF JUNE 2022. Please adopt this change as soon as possible. In July, your plans may be rejected if they do not have the plan submission form note on the face of the plan – hardcopy or electronic.

Surveyors should continue to record the plan submission form number as part of their project log.