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Good Boundaries Make Good Neighbours

Protection of Ontario's Land Survey Monuments

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Crown Surveys in Ontario

Do It Right from the Start

Your Future as a Geomatics Professional

Surveying for Settlement
A brief history of how surveyors have played an integral role in the development of settlement patterns.

Property Boundary Markers
Property Boundary Markers - The Physical Plant of the Survey Industry

I Just Built a Fence
A practical guide to survey markers for the homeowner, the handyman and the contractor.

The Surveyor's Real Property Report
Get to know your property.  Protect the most important investment...your home!

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Your Future as a Geomatics Professional

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Recently Published Articles

"The Land Detectives" by Angela Hawn, published in the Summer 2015 issue of the Country Roads magazine.

UAV Aerial Topographic Surveying - Can it Replace GPS Ground Topographic Surveys? (A case study by Brian Kerr and Jean-Francois Dionne)

Surveyors reach for the sky in land work (Article by Angela Hawn, published in the Country Roads - Fall 2015 magazine - page 27)

Aerial view used to map designs for Hwy.101 road work (Article by Sarah Moore, published in the Timmins Press on November 16, 2015)

"Failure to Get House Survey Can Be Costly" by Ellen Roseman

An article on the importance of getting a house survey when buying a house was published in the Business section of the Toronto Star on April 25, 2014 online and on April 26, 2014 in print. The online article is entitled "Failure to get house survey can be costly", and the printed one - "Insist on getting a house survey before you buy".

"Welcome to the World of Geomatics" by Nigel Day, OLS

Published in "The Monograph" the journal of the Ontario Association for Geographic and Environmental Education (OAGEE)

This article covers the following points:
• Why would geomatics appeal to students?
• What should teachers and guidance counsellors know about surveying and geomatics?
• Where are geomatics techniques, principles or deliverables used today?
• Why is the geomatics field here to stay?
• What background do students need to advance in the field of geomatics? 


Professional Surveyors follow Standards

Educational Foundation Brochure

Flyers for Industry and Municipalities

Survey Plans are Protected by Copyright

Inventories of Subsurface Features in Rights of Way

Georeferencing Infrastructure Records

Engage Professional Surveyors to Develop a Road Database

Engage Professional Surveyors to Build Geospatial Infrastructure

Engage Professional Surveyors in Planning Act Approval Process

As Built Drawings of Underground Utilities