Great Lengths: A Celebration of the Surveyors of Ontario

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The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors
       is proud to present
by Charles Wilkins
 Official publication date: March 1, 2017 to coincide with the 125th anniversary of the AOLS and the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation

THIS MAGNIFICENTLY ILLUSTRATED BOOK, aptly called GREAT LENGTHS, tells one of Ontario’s most dramatic stories – that of the vital and adventurous role played by land surveyors in the evolution and success of the province.
Surveyors have helped shape the foundations of every significant political and economic development in the history of Ontario: the building of the railways, highways and pipelines; of farms, towns and cities; of every form of communication and travel that connects the people of Ontario to one another and to the world.
In telling the story of surveying, GREAT LENGTHS embraces both the glories and the challenges of the profession, and does not shy away from the inherent controversies and shadows. The book follows the story from its wild, often incendiary, beginnings, through two centuries of development, into a compelling present, where the fabric and echoes of the past are never far removed from the wonders and potential of the future. 
Charles Wilkins is the author of fifteen books including Walk to New York and Little Ship of Fools. His journalism has earned five National Magazine Awards and he has been a finalist for half a dozen Canadian literary prizes. Four of his books have been named to The Globe and Mail’s annual Top 100 Books.
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ISBN 978-1-894801-33-1
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