To qualify for an Associate Membership you must be:
·         A person, who is enrolled in a post secondary school course in professional land surveying;
·         A party to Articles of Agreement with a member of the Association; or
·         Employed in, retired from or aligned with the practice of professional land surveying
Associate Membership entitles you to:
·         Reduced costs to attend the AOLS AGM
·         Reduced costs to attend Continuing Education Seminars
·         The AOLS Quarterly magazine and other mailings
·         Access to publications, videos and the AOLS library
·         Information about industry events.
·         Receive general information issued by the Association and to attend meetings of the Association, but are not entitled to vote at meetings.
Associate Membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. Applications received between December and June will be prorated for a 1/2 year.
Associate Members can also join a Regional Group by completing the form below:
Regional Group Dues Form  (Download form to see Fees)
$240.00 + HST
Plan Submission Form (Minimum of 30 @ $16.00 Each)
$480.00 + HST
$300.00 + HST
$75.00 + HST
$50.00 + HST
  • This form has a listing of AOLS Awards available to those people, both members and non-members, who have made a significant contribution to our profession and our society.
AOLS Educational Foundation Form - Invest in the Future
  • The AOLS Exucational Foundation is a registered charity (13456 8161) founded in 1973 to build a fund to sustain awards to post-secondary Geomatics students who have attained high academic achievement and have contributed to social actiities.  Since 1975, over $550,00 has been awarded to 470+ students
Articling Package

The Registrar

Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

1043 McNicoll Avenue

Toronto, ON M1W 3W6

 1. Completed Student Information Sheet

2. Undertaking Form - to be submitted on company letterhead. 

3. Two references: submit the name, address and email address of two individuals who are prepared to give a character reference. The Association will write directly to these individuals, asking them to complete a questionnaire. At least one of your references should be a professional (e.g., doctor, lawyer, engineer, surveyor other than the one to whom you will be articled). References from the company for which you are working are not acceptable.

4. Signed Articling Contract

5. Signed Schedule ‘A’ to the Articling Contract

6. Completed Application for Reduction of Articles form, Candidate Assessment Form, and supporting information (only if applying for a reduction in your period of articles)

Please note that you may commence articles when you are within 3 term courses (or equivalent) of completing your academic requirements, as confirmed by an AOLS academic evaluation. However, all courses must be completed prior to writing the professional examination. If you are a graduate of a Canadian university Geomatics program you may be able to have your academic evaluation and articles approved at the same meeting.  Please contact the Registrar for more details.

Applications for articles are reviewed twice yearly - at the mid-January and mid-July AERC meetings. Applications must be received approximately six weeks prior to the respective meeting (i.e. in early December or early June).  Notices will be posted on the AOLS website and sent to all AOLS members well in advance of these dates.

An Articling Workshop will be held approximately three weeks before the application deadline to explain the current articling process and the various forms required, including the Articling Contract, Schedule ‘A’ and the Application for Reduction in Articles.  Applicants and their articling surveyor and/or supervisor are expected to attend this workshop.  Applicants will then have approximately three weeks in which to complete and submit their draft Contract and required forms to the Registrar.  The workshop presentation and all forms and articling information are available on the AOLS website.

Contact the Association for current fees.