All surveyors must abide by standards of practice which are defined by regulations under the Surveyors Act. Additionally Section 34(1) of the Surveyors Act requires high level standards of practice.  These are included under the Code of Ethics topic.

There are two regulations that define standards of practice, Ontario Regulation 216-10, which defines general performance standards and Ontario Regulation 525 that defines monumentation requirements.

Ontario Regulation 216/10 contains general requirements that address project standards,client relations, quality assurance and record keeping. It also contains cadastral (legal surveying) standards pertaining to field surveys, plan preparation, and integration with coordinate systems. Lastly it contains specific standards for geodetic, hydrographic and photogrammetric surveying along with geographic information management.

Ontario Regulation 525 defines the monuments that surveyors need to set when completing a variety of different surveys. Survey monuments include: concrete pins, cut crosses, iron bars, plastic bars, rock bars, rock plugs, rock posts, short standard iron bars and standard iron bars. They are normally stamped with a surveyors' identification.