Discipline Procedures

The Complaints Committee or the Registrar may refer members for disciplinary action to Council. Council will consider the matter.  Council may appoint a mediator to look into the matter and make a report to the Council as to whether the matter should be referred to the Discipline Committee.  They may refer the matter to Discipline or recommend other actions.

If a matter has been referred to Discipline, the Discipline Committee will create a panel consisting of:

  • at least one person who was appointed to the Council by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and
  • at least two members of the Association who do not sit on the Council and are appointed to the Discipline Committee by the Council.

The Discipline Panel will hear and determine allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence against any member.

If a discipline panel finds a member of the Association guilty of professional misconduct or incompetence it may, by order,

  • revoke the licence or certificate of registration, as the case may be, of the member;
  • suspend the licence or certificate of registration, as the case may be, of the member for a stated period, not exceeding twenty-four months;
  • accept the undertaking of the member to limit the professional work of the member in the practice of   professional surveying to the extent specified in the undertaking;
  • impose terms, conditions and limitations on the licence or certificate of registration, as the case may   be, of the member, including but not limited, in the case of a member, to the successful completion of   a particular course or courses of study, as are specified by the discipline panel;
  • impose specific restrictions on the licence or certificate of registration, as the case may be, or on the   certificate of authorization, including but not limited to,
    1.  requiring the member to engage in the practice of professional surveying only under the personal   supervision and direction of another member,
    2.  requiring the member to not alone engage in the practice of professional surveying,
    3.  requiring the member to accept periodic inspections by the discipline panel or its delegate of the   books, accounts, records and plans of the member in connection with the member’s practice,
    4.  requiring the member to report to the Registrar or to such committee of the Council as the   discipline panel may specify on such matters in respect of the member’s practice for such period of   time, at such times and in such form, as the discipline panel may specify;
  • require that the member be reprimanded, admonished or counselled and, if considered warranted,   direct that the fact of the reprimand, admonishment or counselling be recorded on the register;
  • revoke or suspend for a stated period of time the designation of the member by the Association as a   specialist in any branch of professional surveying;
  • impose the fine that the discipline panel considers appropriate, to a maximum of $5,000, to be paid     by  the member to the Minister of Finance for payment into the Consolidated Revenue Fund;
  • require the member to repay, waive or reduce the fee charged by the member in respect of the   practice of professional surveying related to the finding of professional misconduct or incompetence;
  • REPEALED:  2009, c. 33, Sched. 22, s. 11 (40).
  • fix and impose costs to be paid by the member to the Association;
  • direct that the imposition of a penalty be suspended or postponed for the period and upon the terms   or for the purpose that the discipline panel specifies, including but not limited to any combination of   the following:
    1.  the successful completion by the member of a particular course or courses of study,
    2.  the production to the Discipline Committee of evidence satisfactory to it that any physical or   mental incapacity in respect of which the penalty was imposed has been overcome

Discipline decisions are posted below and are recorded in the register.

AOLS Discipline - Recent Decisions


The decisions set out below extend back to July 2007 being the date that the governing Council of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors approved the Manual of Procedures for the Discipline Committee which requires decisions to be placed on the public area of the Association web site.

If you need information about disciplinary decisions prior to July 2007, please contact the Association Registrar.

January 25, 2022Mediation Agreement    Mr. Omari Mwinyi
April 22, 2021Decision    Mr. Eric Salzer
August 20, 2020Mediation Agreement    Mr. George Bracken
June 11, 2020Decision    Mr. David Raithby
April 21, 2020Decision    Mr. P. Ardon Blackburn
February 10, 2020Decision    Mr. Ward I. Houghton
January 27 2020Decision    Mr. Guido Consoli
January 27, 2020Decision    Mr. Eric Salzer
June 18, 2019Discipline Decision    Mr. Omari Mwinyi
June 3, 2019Discipline Decision    Mr. David U. Maughan
December 18, 2018 / May 21, 2019Discipline Decision / Penalty Decision    Mr. Ward I. Houghton
March 13, 2019Discipline Decision    Mr. Seyed Abdolmajid (Majid) Fathi
August 16, 2018Discipline Decision    Mr. Prashannath (Nath) Segaran
September 12, 2017Discipline Decision    Mr. Jansky Tak Choi Lau
October 25, 2017Discipline Decision    Mr. Rodney G. Reynolds
March 23, 2016Discipline Decision    Mr. David S. Dorland
July 3, 2013Discipline Decision    Mr. Ward Houghton
March 28, 2013Discipine Decision    Mr. Brad Warren
July 17, 2012Discipline Decision    Mr. P. Ardon Blackburn
March 22, 2012Discipline Decision    Mr. Ward Houghton
March 23, 2011Discipline Decision    Mr. Peter Allen
August 31, 2010Discipline Decision    Mr. Paul G. Goodridge
May 26, 2010Discipline Decision    Mr. Bryan Jacobs
September 22, 2008Discipline Decision    Mr. Fred Petrich
April 15, 2008Discipline Decision    Mr. Bruce Johnson
October 25, 2007Discipline Decision    Mr. Richard A. MacKenzie

Discipline Committee

  • Saša Krcmar, Chair & Council
  • James Hunt, Council Member Appointed by LG
  • Gerhard Auer
  • Vladimir Dosen
  • Paul Edward
  • Robert Fligg
  • Daniel Gautron
  • David Horwood
  • Tom Kristjanson
  • Kevin Kujala
  • Peter Lamb
  • Julia Meldrum Smith
  • Paul Miller
  • Richard Miller
  • Michele Pearson
  • Doug Pierson

Manual of Procedures

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