Title Insurance vs. a Survey

Title Insurance vs. a Survey
by Blain Martin, Executive Director

Many of you will have already seen the news story that is breaking in Nova Scotia. The story is about a man that purchased a piece of property only to find out 2 years later that he did not actually own his back yard.

I did speak to Fred Hutchinson, Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Land Surveyors Association and he said this news story was even on "The National" last night:

There is a CBC written piece:

and there was a radio interview yesterday with the home owner:

This morning CBC had a piece concerning Title Insurance and one of the people interviewed was Kevin Brown, President of the Nova Scotia Land Surveying Association:

This was all in Nova Scotia, but exactly the same thing could happen in Ontario and across our country. The decision about getting Title Insurance rather than a Land Survey has been a decision that home purchasers have had to make for many years. This story certainly illustrates the possible drawbacks of choosing Title Insurance.

Just last month, the AOLS asked a lawyer with the Law Society's Title Insurance Company - LawPRO to deliver a webinar to our members on this very issue. Ray Leclair's webinar provides great information on the impact of the decision between Title Insurance and a Survey: