Salary Survey

Publication Date: 
August 15, 2019
Brian Maloney, Executive Director

Please find below the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors 2018 Salary Survey Analysis.

2018 Salary Study.pdf


Publication Date: October 3, 2014

Author(s): Wikar Bhatti, OLS, Salary Survey Task Force Chair

Out of the strategic planning session, it was resolved that one of the objectives of 2014 was to complete a salary study. Previous salary studies from the AOLS and the PSC enjoyed engagement rates about 25-30% - the biggest hurdle we had to face right off the start was the reception of the membership... "Here's another useless salary study... I'm not telling my competitors how much I'm making".

A task force was formed consisting of Wikar Bhatti, Grant Bennett, Rob Martin, Don Brown, Dave Kovacs, Blain Martin, Dave Horwood and Steve Gossling. The premise was that these members represented areas across the province, experience, age brackets and various disciplines.

From the start, our goal was to design a process/study that would:
• truly engage the membership
• solicit honest, meaningful feedback
• be an open, transparent process
• goal was to get a response from the majority of members
• anonymity was crucial
• complete it in a timely format to provide feedback in short turnaround time
• design a study that wasn't overly onerous to complete and would take about 15-20 minutes to complete

Having met several times, we started with almost 60 questions and pared it down to just 20. The survey went out in June, with results coming in about July, just before the summer Council meeting. To sell the importance of the study to the membership, several outreach initiatives were undertaken to ensure maximum membership engagement.

To preserve anonymity, we used an accounting firm to collect the results independently - ONLY the data from the study was delivered. Unlike the PSC route, we OWN the data.

In closing, while we undertook a rather ambitious timeline, the committee deserve kudos to completing this task, the first part in a pronged approach that will include a fees for research study, a staff salary study and a fees for professional services study.

Please review the attached study and let us know what you think!