AOLS Bulletins

The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors has developed a number of Bulletins that provide greater detail regarding surveyor's conduct and standards of survey set out in legislation and regulation that may be found here.

1981-002Quality Control of Survey WorkView
1981-005Research of Adjoining PropertiesView
1981-006Best Available EvidenceView
1981-008Written Mortgage CertificatesView
1982-010Monumentation IntervalsView
1982-011Written Mortgage CertificatesView
1982-014Field Note ResearchView
1982-015Misrepresentation of Field WorkView
1983-017Liability GuidelinesView
1983-019Surveys for Fencing PurposesView
1984-020Use of Surveyor's Plans by ArchitectsView
1984-021Slander of TitleView
1984-022Technical FirmsView
1985-unnumberedUnresearched estimatesView
1987-027Criminal Code Protection of Boundary Line MarkersView
1987-unnumberedAOLS Liability InsuranceView
1988-031Lack of ResearchView
1990-033Updating of First Application/Certification of Title Act PlansView
1990-035Right to Entry ProblemsView
1990-037Distribution of Old Survey DocumentsView
1990-038Surveyor's Real Property ReportsView
1991-041Condominium PlansView
1991-043Surveyor's Real Property ReportsView
1992-044Consultation Offices and Call ForwardingView
1994-045Office SupervisionView
1995-046AOLS Policy Regarding the Exchange of Cadastral Survey RecordsView
1995-047Member's Use of SealsView
1998-048Monumentation in Built-up AreasView
2005-01Right of EntryView
2007-01AOLS Policy Regarding the Exchange of Cadastral Survey RecordsView
2007-02Guidelines Regarding Distribution of Historical Survey DocumentsView
2009-01Professional Authority in Property MattersView
2011-01Underground Utilities and MonumentationView
2020-01Pricing of Field Notes and Survey RecordsView
2021-01Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Policy on SketchesView
2022-01Company TransparencyView