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The following documents are related to the evaluation and articling processes and include an explanatory PowerPoint presentation, Academic Evaluation Application, Articling Contract and other explanatory documents and forms.

Completed Academic Evaluation Application Form must be submitted with your evaluation application.
Academic Evaluation Flow Chart
A graphical representation of the Academic Evaluation process including anticipated timelines.
Articling Information Presentation
A PowerPoint slide show that explains the articling process
Articling Flowchart
A graphical representation of the articling process, including submission dates and timelines.
Articling Timelines
A graphical representation of the timelines required for articling applications to be approved at the January, April, July and October Academic and Experience Requirements Committee meetings.
How to Prepare your Articling Application
Detailed instructions on preparing and submitting your application for Articles.
Individual Requirements Form (Schedule A to Articling Contract)
Must be completed and submitted with the Articling Contract to state the specific requirements for the student, including outstanding academic requirements, EAKs and experience requirements.
Essential Areas of Knowledge (Cadastral) Master List
A detailed explanation of the competencies required for each of the 14 EAKs
Candidate Assessment Form
A detailed breakdown of the competencies contained within each of the EAKs. Used by the student and surveyor to facilitate the design of the Learning Plan, and required to be submitted if applying for a reduction in the term of articles.
Articling Student EAK Learning Plan (Cadastral)
Developed and agreed to by the student and articling surveyor to identify student needs and provide an estimated time line and resources required to achieve the required competencies
For a previous reduction application sample click here.

Reduction of Articles Form
Must be completed and submitted with the Application to Article if the student is requesting a reduction in the term of articles based on prior experience.
Application To Article Student Information Sheet
Provides contact information and preferences for the articling student.
Undertaking Form
Required when the articling surveyor is an employee of a corporation that is the holder of a Certificate of Authorization from the AOLS to ensure that the company is aware of and agrees to the articling contract.
Articling Student Handbook (Cadastral)
Required reference document for all articling students. Provides a detailed explanation of the articling process and includes relevant forms.
Assignment of Articles Form
This form must be completed, signed by all parties, and submitted to the Registrar, along with the payment of $141.25 (HST included),  when a student wishes to transfer articles to another surveyor.
Cancellation of Articles Form
Must be completed and submitted to the Registrar if the parties are requesting the cancellation of articles prior to completion
Examination Instructions
Explains the rules for writing AOLS examinations.
Schedule of AERC Related Fees
A list of current fees related to becoming an OLS.

Survey Law 1 Course Payment Form