Why do I need a survey? What good is it? What's it for?

The fundamental purpose of all surveys is to provide property owners with an accurate determination of the size and shape (dimensions) of their property, setting property markers on the corners and reporting on the position of improvements (buildings, etc.) made to the property - particularly with respect to improvements such as fences near the property boundaries. Under the laws of Ontario, only a licensed Ontario Land Surveyor may provide you with this information. A survey is often required by property owners who wish to make changes to their property (add a building, build a fence, etc.) or simply wish to have knowledge of the conditions of their property.

Some other circumstances where surveys may be required are:

  • Buying or selling a property or part of a property;
  • Mortgaging a property;
  • Property redevelopment such as a subdivision, condominium, etc.;
  • Construction of new buildings, fences, hedges, etc.
  • Boundary disputes.