AOLS Staff Directory

Joyce Tenefrancia
Administrative Assistant
416-491-9020 x 21
Note: If you are not sure who to contact, contact Joyce and she will direct you to the appropriate person

Joyce is your first point of contact with the association. She is at reception, answering the telephone, checking and responding to emails, opening the mail, and generally meeting and greeting those who come into the office.

Joyce provides secretarial support to the Registrar, the Deputy Registrar, and really all of us when we need her help. She schedules meetings/teleconferences, collects biographies for the Annual Report, issues invoices and receipts, assists with registrations for AGM and other events.

 Blain Martin
Executive Director
416-491-9020 x 27

 Blain has been Executive Director since July of 2009. As senior staff officer of the Association, he is responsible for all activities at the AOLS office and reports to the President and Council. In addition to his formal roles as Secretary to Council and Treasurer of the Association, he implements decisions of Council, promotes the welfare and image of the Association, promotes liaison between all segments of the Association and other organizations, government bodies and the public and ensures the efficient day-to-day operation of the Association office.

Like Maureen (a classmate), whom you will see later in this issue of In Sight, Blain is a graduate of the first class ('76) of the Survey Science program at Erindale College, University of Toronto (UofT). Subsequent to this, he continued his education and received a Master of Engineering Degree from UofT and an MBA from the Queen's School of Business.

Blain's career straddles both the Cadastral and the Geographic Information Management sides of the Association, which brings a unique perspective to the Executive Director's position. He is striving to achieve his primary goal of the betterment of the profession by getting involved in projects that protect the public, enhance the perception of surveyors by the public, bring in new members, and develop a collaborative approach between existing members.

Bill Buck
416-491-9020 x 29

 Bill joined the AOLS as Registrar in August 2000.

Bill is responsible for the administration of the Surveyors Act and Regulations, which govern the operation of the Association and its members. His statutory duties include the processing of membership and Certificate of Authorization applications, the administration of the Complaints and Academic and Experience Requirements Committees, the conducting of Registrar's Investigations, the prosecution of Discipline cases, and the supervision of Council elections and other votes.

Bill also handles enquiries from both the public and other members regarding survey issues. The most rewarding parts of Bill's job are the swearing in of new members and helping members of the public to have a better understanding of surveying.

 Maureen V. Mountjoy
Deputy Registrar
416-491-9020 x 23

Maureen is a graduate of the first class ('76) of the Survey Science program at Erindale College, University of Toronto. In 1978, she was the second woman to become an Ontario Land Surveyor.

Maureen has been the AOLS Deputy Registrar and the Editor of the Ontario Professional Surveyor magazine since the fall of 2000.

She has many other responsibilities including; Secretary and Administrator of the AOLS Educational Foundation, member of the Public Awareness Committee, the Academic and Experience Requirements Committee, the Geomatics Recruitment and Liaison Committee, the Underground Utilities Committee, and she is a member of the Best Practices Committee of the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance.

Maureen attends various trade shows and career fairs throughout the year and liaises with the professors and staff at York University and Ryerson University.

She enjoys working with the members of the various committees, as well as meeting students and promoting the surveying profession and our association. 

 Lena Kassabian
Office Manager
416-491-9020 x 25

 Lena has been with the AOLS since August 2005.

As Office Manager, her responsibilities include not only the day to day operation of the office, but also being involved in the AERC, as well as acting as a Case Manager for the Pathways Project.

Lena is responsible for processing evaluations and articling applications for students seeking their designation as an Ontario Land Surveyor. She takes great joy in helping local and foreign candidates achieve their goals.

Also included in Lena's duties are scouting out locations for Annual General Meetings, Summer Meetings, AERC events, the Geomatics Picnic and other meetings and seminars and negotiating contracts for these events.

 Penny Anderson
Member Services Coordinator
416-491-9020 x 28

 Penny has been with the AOLS since June 2012.

Her position primarily involves working with the Membership Database Management and Billing Schedules for the association.

Since joining the AOLS, she has also taken on the role of Website Administrator and is also a member of the Website Maintenance Committee.

Penny is the channel for Members' contact information changes and REACH Bulletin distributions.

Penny enjoys working with her AOLS family, along with various committees and Council, as well as taking part in the events of the Association, where she looks forward to meeting more of our members.

 Julia Savitch
Program Manager
416-491-9020 x 35 

 Julia has been with the AOLS since July 2011.

Her responsibilities include working with Continuing Education Committee to develop courses for our members and manage CPD; Website Committee, AGM Planning & Operating Committees, and all the commissions of the association. She also tracks the implementation of our annual Strategic Plan.

Julia is the editor of AOLS In Sight e-newsletter and the organizer of our monthly webinars. She also manages our social media presence on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Julia enjoys working with our great volunteers - committee and task force members, Regional Group Executives, Council, - as well as enabling communication and information sharing between various stakeholders of the AOLS.

 Cynthia Gibson

416-491-9020 x 24

Cynthia has worked in the staffing industry with experience in Consolidated Financial statements. During this time she was instrumental in system conversions, Cash Flow Management and implementation of policies and procedures. Cynthia is currently working on her CPA designation.

 Cynthia will be working on Financial Statements for Council and various new projects

Tom Packowski
Survey Review Department Manager
416-491-9020 x 34 

Tom Packowski has joined the Association after over 30 years in private practice with the firm of Cunningham McConnell Limited including 20 years as owner and President of the corporation.

He has participated in the activities of the Association including 10 years as a member of the Continuing Education Committee and 12 years as a former member of the Discipline Committee. Tom enjoys golf, curling and flying at the Brampton Flying Club when he is away from work.

Tom has assumed the role as Manager of the Survey Review Department and is responsible for the supervision of the staff within the Department as well as the Consultants who perform the systematic and comprehensive reviews as required by the Regulations.

Tom reports to the Executive Director and provides statistical reports, he also participates in the SRD Committee meetings, educational seminars, prepares bulletins and articles as well as technical support to the membership.


Sheila Lavina

Survey Review Department Administrative Officer
416-491-9020 x 33

Sheila has been with the AOLS since March 2010.  Sheila is working extensively with the Survey Review Department ensuring both systematic and comprehensive reviews are thoroughly completed within the allotted time frame.  In addition, she will manage the logs and perform accounts receivable duties associated with the AOLS stickers in conjunction with the plan submission logs.  

Sheila will work closely with the consultants within the Survey Review Department.  She is dedicated to serving our AOLS members as well as the members of the public.

  Al Worobec
Survey Review Department Examiner
416-491-9020 x 26 

Al joined the Survey Review Department to conduct Field Examinations in January 2014 after 37 years of experience in the Surveying Profession. He owned and operated a Professional Surveying Practice for 22 years and was actively involved with his local Rotary, and Construction Association in addition to the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors.

As Examiner of Surveys, he travels the province augmenting the Peer Competence Review process with onsite verification of survey evidence and physical features, which may affect the property rights and enjoyment of a parcel of land.  His duties include meeting with landowners at every opportunity to request permission to enter their property and explain the random selection process used to ensure compliance with Standards of Practice and Statutes governing professional surveying standards.  Information is provided regarding the commitment of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors and its members to uphold ethics and rigorous standards developed to protect the public interest.

Herman Bernardo
Survey Review Department Examiner Assistant
416-491-9020 x 26

 Herman has been with the AOLS since November 2010.

His responsibilities include coordinating deposited plans by OLS / Firms received from Land Registry Offices, as well as reviewing Comprehensive Reviews supporting documentation for missing material.

Herman assists the Survey Examiner with field examinations, so he is often out in the field, working in the fresh air all over Ontario. He is also our go-to person whenever something needs to be assembled, disassembled, moved or fixed.