AOLS Discipline - Recent Decisions

Disciplinary Hearings

Upcoming Disciplinary Hearings will be posted here.


The decisions set out below extend back to July 2007 being the date that the governing Council of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors approved the Manual of Procedures for the Discipline Committee which requires decisions to be placed on the public area of the Association web site.

If you need information about disciplinary decisions prior to July 2007, please contact the Association Registrar.

Discipline Committee

Dave Kovacs, Chair & Council

Patricia Meehan, Council Member Appointed by LG 

Peter Meerveld, Council Member Appointed by LG

Nancy Grozelle, Gerhard Auer, Ophir Dzaldov, Bob Jordan, Richard Miller, Dan Quinlan, Terry Dietz, Bob Fligg, Richard Murray, Doug Hunt, Tom Kristjanson, Bruce Parker, Paul Edward, Paul Gregoire, Leslie Higginson, Saša Krcmar, Julia Meldrum Smith, Paul Miller, David Wilton

Manual of Procedures

Click here to review the Manual of Procedures.