Apr 26, 2023

Refreshed Digital Career Brochure Archived on AOLS website

There remains a need for a brochure that provides a general description and pathway to becoming an Ontario Land Surveyor. With the pause on many university and college programs providing courses and programs that lead to articling and professional exams, and Ontario legislation placing pressure on the surveying industry to provide more licensed surveyors, the pathway to a licence is not easy.

The career brochure created in 2016 was refreshed to encourage people to consider land surveying as a career and explain how to navigate the AERC requirements.

The situation is fluid, so the decision was taken to create a digital file (PDF printable) and archive it on the AOLS website for download and printing. AOLS has a few copies for use in presentations and members are encouraged to download and print as required.

The digital file will be edited as decisions are made that affect the pathway to licensing.

The brochure is available on the Careers in Surveying page under Membership and Become an OLS at aols.org/membership/become-an-ols/careers-in-surveying.

Alternatively, download the PDF here.