Oct 07, 2022

AOLS Membership in the Canadian Institute of Geomatics

AOLS has become a sustaining member of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG), a non-profit scientific and technical association that represents the largest and most influential geospatial knowledge network in Canada.

Over 50 percent of CIG’s members are senior managers and researchers in government, private sector, academic and NGO organizations. It is the Canadian member of the International Federation of Surveying (FIG). Its purpose is, in part, to advance the development of geomatics sciences in Canada; to promote unity of purpose and action among Canadian geomatics organizations; and to represent and promote Canadian interests in geomatics internationally.

AOLS's involvement will allow it to contribute to the leading national, international, and regional communities of best practice, setting standards for the future.

Individual and Student memberships are also available.

Learn more: www.cig-acsg.ca