Aug 02, 2022

AOLS Mentorship Program

This past March, AOLS launched a new Mentorship Program.

We recognize that the Association is going through a period of turnover. Over the last two years, we have licensed over 50 new members representing 10 percent of our membership. We also have several members considering retirement. Additionally, approximately 60 percent of our firms are operated by a sole practitioner who might find value in discussing complicated matters with another surveyor.

A mentorship program can be an easy way to improve practices and help provide better services to the public. As such, Council has chosen to establish a voluntary mentorship program.

The AOLS is facilitating the mentorship program but takes no responsibility for the quality of the mentorship experience. It is up to individual mentors and mentees to work out the relationship and ensure that it works for them.

We hope that members will consider becoming a mentor to help continue the strong profession that we have.

For further details, please visit: Member login is required.