Dec 07, 2021

AOLS - On the Path to Becoming a Better Regulator

Click Here to view the Fair Registration Practices Report
Click Here to view the Report by Richard Steinecke

This announcement includes two reports that the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS) commissioned this year on our journey to improve our regulatory practices. 

The first report was completed by Professional Testing Inc. and compared the AOLS registration practices with the Fair Registration Practices Code. The Academic Experience Requirements Committee has already acted on many of the recommendations and has a plan to have the remainder addressed within the next year. 

The second report is a broader comparison of the AOLS regulatory practices with “best practices” from Richard Steinecke. He and his legal firm are renowned for their knowledge of regulatory matters, and they support many regulators in Canada. The report identifies the AOLS as being a high performing regulator and notes that we are doing many of the right things in the right way.

There is certainly room for improvement and the report makes 32 recommendations, of which 15 would require legislative change. Some recommendations are easy to analyze and implement, while others will require more significant analysis and or can be more difficult to implement. Council is committed to properly considering every recommendation over the next year on our journey to becoming a better regulator