AOLS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program

As of January 1, 2013, Professional Members of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors are required to follow the AOLS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program.

Please see the CPD Program Summary below.


AOLS - Continuing Education Committee
Professional Development Program Summary
May 20, 2015 

For a detailed description of the program activities, please see the CPD Program.


Members actively engaged in professional surveying are required to accumulate, in each three year period:

  • at least 36 hours of Formal Activities and
  • at least 66 hours of Professional Activities.

An actively engaged member spends 100 or more days per year in the practice of professional surveying.

Members not actively engaged in professional surveying are required to accumulate, in each three year period:

  • at least 36 hours of Formal Activities,
  • at least 66 hours of Professional Activities, and
  • an additional 30 hours of Formal Activities or Professional Activities or a combination thereof.

Formal Activities:

Formal Activities include courses, seminars and webinars required to maintain the knowledge, skill and judgment required to practice professional surveying. Formal Activities are comprised of formalized instruction by an expert in the subject.

Professional Activities:

Professional Activity hours can be earned in the following categories:

1) Meeting Attendance
2) Committee Participation
3) Presentation or Publication
4) Self-Study

To review the CPD Regulation, click here.

AOLS professional members can enter their CPD activities, track them and submit their Annual CPD Confirmations on our website. If you are a member, please log in and follow the links on the left in this section.

If you have any questions on managing your CPD records online, please review the CPD FAQ (link on the left). If your question is not answered under the FAQ, please contact

Collaborators in Learning

GeoEd Canada is a collaborative program that seeks to include all provincial and federal surveying associations in Canada to promote accessible continuing professional development. GeoEd is mainly used as an online system for course delivery. These courses can consist of live interactive webinars, or be self-study with recorded video and other digital materials. Surveyors are able to sign up for any course and complete it at their leisure.




Four Point Learning offers courses, seminars and webinars using distance learning methods and technologies. The goal is to deliver high-value knowledge and practice for land surveyors across Canada while maintaining ease of access and flexibility.




Professional Surveyors Canada is dedicated to building and enabling a strong multi-faceted community of surveying professionals committed to exceeding expectations.