CPD Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on CPD and answers to them can be found on this page.

If your question is not answered below, please email it to julia@aols.org


Who does the mandatory CPD program apply to?

The program applies to professional (OLS) members of the association. It does not apply to Associate Members, Articling Students, or Retired Members.

For everyone who was a professional member as of December 31, 2012, their first 3-year CPD cycle is 2013-2015.

How do I track my CPD activities online?

1. Go to the AOLS website: www.aols.org
2. Log in with your username and password (top right). If you do not have a profile on the new website yet, please click here for instructions on how to create one.
3. Go to My Professional Development (second row in the menu on the top)

In this section, you have the following options (menu on the left):

Professional Development - Information on the AOLS CPD Program and a link to it 

CPD Approved Activities - Some examples of such activities

My CPD Tracking Report - Here you can review all of your CPD activities for the current 3-year period. If you would like to edit any of them, please click on the name of the activity to open it, edit and save. 

Submit a CPD Record - Please select the correct category and complete the required fields to submit an activity, then click Save.

My Annual CPD Confirmation - At the end of the year, go to this section to submit your CPD report for the year.

Submitting your Annual CPD Confirmation

OLS members are required to submit their Annual CPD Confirmation at the end of each year of their CPD cycle.

To submit your confirmation:
1) go to My CPD > My Annual CPD Confirmation
2) select the year for which you are submitting the confirmation
3) select whether you were Actively Engaged during that year (for the definition of "actively engaged", see the CPD program (My CPD > Professional Development)
4) submit!

Note: If you have already submitted your confirmation for a given year, the website will not give you the option of that year anymore.

After you submit your Annual CPD Confirmation for 2013 or 2014, you will still be able to see all of your entries for the current CPD period: 2013-15. The confirmation is not tied to the entries, it is just a "digital signature" confirming you have submitted your CPD report for a given year.

The Regulation requires that "42. Every professional member shall complete an annual report on their professional development activities and submit the report to the Registrar". Submitting the Annual CPD Confirmation constitutes submitting the report.

AOLS courses completed in 2012

As per the AOLS Council's decision, AOLS courses taken by the members after the 2012 AGM can be counted towards their CPD hours for the 2013-2015 period. This decision was made in order to help members get started with fulfilling their CPD requirements.

In order to add a course completed in 2012, please enter it under Formal Activity with a start date of January 1, 2013. In Description, please include the actual date of the course.

Where do I indicate whether I am "actively engaged"?

As per the AOLS CPD program, members who are not actively engaged in the practice of professional surveying are required to accumulate additional CPD hours. When you are submitting your CPD report for the year, you will be asked to select whether you have been actively engaged during that year. See the CPD Program for the definition of "actively engaged" and the requirements.

How many CPD hours do I get for attending the 2013 or the 2014 AGM?

It depends on which parts of the 2013 or 2014 AGM you attended. Please click here to see the Registration Package for the 2013 AGM; click here for the Registration Package for the 2014 AGM. The Schedule of Events on the first two pages has CPD hours indicated in shaded boxes next to all the activities that qualify.

You do not need to enter each activity separately; make just two entries per AGM: one for the total of Formal hours and the other - for the total of Meeting Attendance hours.

How many CPD hours do I get for attending a regional group meeting?

For the Regional Group meetings, the meeting agendas usually indicate how many CPD hours attending that meeting qualifies for. If a meeting agenda does not have the hours indicated, please forward it to Julia at julia@aols.org and she will advise on CPD hours.