Diversity and Inclusivity


Message from the President
The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS) is open to all and values diversity in its membership. Ontario Land Surveyors practise in communities across Ontario and we strive to have representative members working there. We continue to work to break down barriers but understand that much work remains.

As noted by our president, we have work to do to make our membership representative of the public that lives in Ontario. Surveying is a career that is open to all. Despite efforts to encourage women to join our profession, we still have only 7 percent of our members who are women. Perhaps there is a view that surveying is a male profession due to the perception that this is based on a physical field-based set of activities. This is far from the truth, with most surveyors spending the majority of their time in the office managing operations, meeting with clients and determining their needs, performing research, reviewing work of others, and ensuring the quality of their products.

Internationally Trained Surveyors
The surveying profession has been quite successful with attracting internationally trained surveyors to become Ontario Land Surveyors. Over the last 5 years, 22 percent of our new members have come from other countries, enriching the diversity and culture of Ontario Land Surveyors. We welcome internationally trained surveyors to apply here: Internationally Trained Applicants

Land Acknowledgement Policy
The AOLS has adopted a Land Acknowledgement Policy, which is attached here.

Member Experiences
Click here to meet some of our members and learn about their journey to become licensed Ontario Land Surveyors.