AOLS Committees 2018

Publication Date: 
October 25, 2018

Please follow the links below for information on the 2018 AOLS committees and commissions.

Commission Assignments 2018 (chart)

Council Committee Appointments 2018 (chart)

Committee Members 2018

AOLS has four commissions under which all the committees and task forces fall, as follows:

Governance Commission:

  1. Constitutional Challenge Task Force
  2. Executive Committee (Statutory)
  3. Fees Mediation Committee (Statutory)
  4. Government Relations Task Force
  5. Legislation Task Force
  6. Nominating Committee (Statutory)
  7. Registration Committee (Statutory)
  8. Registrar Search Task Force
  9. Transparency Task Force

Professional Standards and Practice Commission:

  1. Beach Task Force
  2. Complaints Committee (Statutory)
  3. Digital Plan Submission Task Force
  4. Discipline Committee (Statutory)
  5. Monument Protection Committee
  6. Professional Standards Committee
  7. Province Wide SRI Task Force
  8. South Central Region SRI Committee
  9. Survey Review Department (SRD) Committee
  10. Underground Utilities Committee

Outreach and Professional Education Commission:

  1. Academic and Experience Requirements Committee (AERC) (Statutory)
  2. Continuing Education Committee (CEC)
  3. Geomatics Recruitment and Liaison Committee (GRLC)
  4. Expanded Profession Task Force
  5. Public Awareness Committee (PAC)
  6. University Task Force
  7. University and College Student Liaison Committee (UCSLC)
  8. Website Maintenance Committee
  9. Municipal Surveyors Committee

Member Services Commission:

  1. AGM Planning Committee
  2. AGM Operating Task Force
  3. Archival & Historical Committee
  4. Insurance Advisory Committee

If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact

The time spent attending committee meetings and doing work for a committee qualifies for Professional CPD hours.