2017 Survey Equipment Seminars


(7.5 hours of Formal Activity CPD for OLS’s)


Seminar Overview:

The seminar will review the Theory of Operation, Practical Usage, Maintenance and User Adjustment of many types of survey equipment commonly used for cadastral field survey. The seminar will review:

a) Characteristics of rechargeable battery types (chemistry) and their charging, storage & repair;

b) Range pole, prism, target & tripod testing, maintenance and repair;

c) Tape measure use and calibration;

d) Survey level theory of operation, practical usage, testing (peg test) and adjustment;

e) Theodolite, electronic distance meter (EDM) & total station theory of operation, practical usage, testing and adjustment;

f) Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Satellite orbits, Ephemerides, Broadcast codes, position determination, geoid models, scale factors and GNSS equipment testing.

View the Draft Seminar Conent and Presentation Outline here.